Renting an apartment

Renting offers a flexible and convenient way of enabling you to benefit from living in a village environment.

Chantry Court GardenWith a range of apartments to choose from, you can enjoy the independence of your own front door whilst having access to a range of social and leisure facilities. Our self-contained apartments are light, airy and attractively designed and vary in size and shape.You can rent a one and two bedroom apartment (subject to availability) and most include a kitchen (in some cases, a kitchenette) for the preparation of light meals and snacks. Apartments offer either a shower room or bathroom.

There are many reasons why you may consider renting. It may be because you wish to move into the village quickly but you have a property to sell, it may be because of health reasons or simply because you want the flexibility of renting a property. Whatever the reason, you will have access to the comprehensive range of facilities and services the village has to offer which means you too can enjoy 'hotel style' living designed to make life more enjoyable and relaxing. For information about facilities in the village, please contact a member of the sales team.

Independent Living

Independent living purchase plus service charge and ground rent means that residents are entitled to weekly apartment cleaning, a laundry service, access to village facilities and services including the 24 hour on-call response system.

Assisted Living

Our assisted living apartment are for purchase or rent. Rental packages are designed to make life even easier by including include meals, utility charges and Council Tax. Should you require, a range of tailored personal care and support is also available through our domiciliary care service at extra charge.

Rental Arrangements

All rentals are undertaken for a fixed period on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement, or AST. This is the most common type of tenancy in the rented sector and is widely considered to be a well balanced document.

You will need to pay a deposit at the start of the tenancy which will be paid to the Deposit Protection Service ('DPS') which is the Government's custodial tenancy deposit protection scheme. In accordance with the scheme this is returned to you at the end of the term, if you have complied with the terms of the AST. If you are considering buying an apartment but you are not sure about committing to buy straight away you can rent for a time whilst you make up your mind.