Village Management

One of the most appealing aspects of living in a Chantry Court property is that you can enjoy the village and its grounds without having to worry about maintaining the surroundings.

The Service Charge

All residents pay a contribution to the running costs of the village facilities, support services and maintenance of the buildings and grounds which is known as the ‘service charge’.

The service charge budget is compiled at the beginning of each financial year. The budget for each financial year will reflect the previous trading history with the anticipated costs for accommodation in the village included.

The service charge is divided into a number of components. These cover the costs of items as detailed below.

The service charge account is raised in advance and is split between all of the apartments. You will only be responsible for your own proportion of the service charge for your apartment as we will be responsible for the service charge payable on any unsold or unlet apartments. A copy of the current service charge account can be obtained from the sales team.

Budgets and Consultations

At the beginning of each financial year, the anticipated cost of running the village is calculated and put forward in the service charge budget. Future budgets are prepared in consultation with the residents. The charges are collected in advance usually through direct debit. Arrangements may vary so please clarify with a member of the sales team.

Accounts are prepared at the end of each financial year and then audited by an independent firm of accountants who will issue a certificate. This certificate will be copied to you within one month of it being completed. It is important to note that the accounts auditing will only start three months after the end of the financial year.

The Main Elements of your Service Charge include:

The Village Manager

The Village Manager is responsible for the day to day running of the village and its amenities. He or she ensures that all aspects of the village are constantly monitored and that the well-being of all residents is maintained.

The social activities are very resident led, however the village manager and other staff will assist in organising requested events and the company put on one event per month

Gardens and Grounds

The management company normally engages a landscape gardening company which, through a pre-determined maintenance programme, ensures that the gardens, paths and driveways are maintained throughout the year.

Communal Electricity, Gas & Water

The heating, lighting and use of water in the communal areas and gardens are metered by the respective utility companies and the bills are submitted to the management company for payment on behalf of the village. As a resident, you may be responsible for your own utility bills and Council Tax depending upon the type of lifestyle package you choose i.e. if you choose an all-inclusive assisted living rental package, bills are included in your weekly rent.

24 Hour on Call Response

Your home is equipped with an emergency call system which, once activated, will result in an on-call member of staff coming directly to your assistance. This service is operated from within the village on a 24-hour basis.

Domestic Help and Support

Once a week your home will be cleaned by one of our housekeeping staff. We will also launder one set of bed linen and towels each week. Should you require any additional domestic help and support, this can be provided by arrangement. To find out more please speak to a member of the sales team.

The Village Handyman

There is a handyman on site who is qualified to undertake small repairs and provide fire alarm and equipment checks within the village. You can use the handyman for help with small jobs in your home. Just arrange with the village administrator who will provide a quotation for your to approve, based on the hourly rate charged.

Insurance, Maintenance and Repair Contracts

We arrange for any external maintenance to your home, the village and its facilities and insure all the buildings.

Repair contracts for lifts, kitchen equipment and other plant and equipment are in place and all necessary checks are done on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis to comply with manufacturer’s recommendations and legislative requirements where appropriate. Please note as an owner you will be responsible for the maintenance and redecoration of your apartment and for home contents insurance.

The Reserve Fund

A reserve fund (sometimes known as a sinking fund) is built up over time so that money is available if needed to pay for major repairs and improvements to the common parts and communal areas of the village.

Your Restaurant and Bar

Chantry Court has its own restaurant and catering staff and the restaurant and bar facilities are for use by all residents and their guests. In general, our restaurants are open for breakfast, lunch and evening meal although this may vary so please check with a member of the sales team.

We aim to offer a wide choice of meals and ensure they provide the right nutritional balance. We are able to cater for special dietary requirements if necessary. Meals may be taken on an ‘every day’ basis or simply as and when you wish although we do ask you to book in advance.

The village bar is open at lunch times, providing an excellent opportunity for you to enjoy a ‘tipple’ before your meal.

Social Activities and Events

Chantry Court offers a wide range of social activities and facilities on your doorstep allowing you to do as much or as little as you please. Depending upon demand, there may be exercise classes, computer tutorials, a bridge club, quizzes or film shows. In addition, we can hire in a minibus service which can give the residents a choice of excursions to local attractions and places of interest.

We encourage residents to participate in organising such events. At the same time we also understand and respect that you may not always wish to be involved in daily village life and may opt to simply stay at home and relax. The choice is yours.

Flexible Care Options

At Chantry Court we believe in promoting independence with dignity, whilst at the same time striving to maintain and improve your quality of life.

We understand that life changes as you get older. There comes a time when some extra assistance is most welcome to help complete those day to day tasks which were once dealt with more easily. Over and above the support that you will receive on a weekly basis, the village offers a comprehensive range of personal care services through our registered appointed domiciliary care agency and our ‘Flexible Care Options’ service is designed to assist you.  Please see our separate information sheet on care services for details.